Welcoming new researchers to AUTOSTEM

Four AUTOSTEM partners have added new staff members. We welcome them to the team! New to the AUTOSTEM team within Orbsen Therapeutics are Eva Camarillo, Marie Curie Fellow, and Luke Watson, Researcher Assistant. Together, they are working to functionalize polystyrene beads with the ORB antibody to act both as the selection method for Orbsen’s cells[…]

AUTOSTEM researchers exhibit at the Galway Science & Technology Festival public forum

AUTOSTEM researchers at NUI Galway exhibited at the Galway Science and Technology Forum on 26 November 2017. In excess of 20,000 people attended the exhibition day. The NUI Galway regenerative medicine stand was the brainchild of Dr Siobhán Gaughan who works across several EU-funded stem cell projects coordinated at NUI Galway. Researchers Niamh Duffy and[…]

Advances in automation for the production of clinical-grade mesenchymal stromal cells: the AUTOSTEM robotic platform

In addition to the compelling need to generate strong and unambiguous clinical evidence, this new AUTOSTEM publication by Jelena Ochs, Frank Barry, Robert Schmitt and Mary Murphy describes AUTOSTEM in the context of the major technical gaps in manufacturing that must be closed before the promise for the treatment of chronic and debilitating diseases by[…]

Jelena Ochs, Fraunhofer IPT presents at German Stem Cell Network conference

Jelena Ochs of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT in Aachen, Germany presented AUTOSTEM at the German Stem Cell Network annual meeting that was held in Jena, Germany on September 11th-13th 2017. The conference aimed to foster the interaction between researchers working on different types of stem cells. Poster sessions, meet-the-expert-tables, an industry exhibition[…]

Prof Johan Hyllner of UK Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult: ‘Leading Innovation in Cell and Gene Therapy’

AUTOSTEM partner, Professor Johan Hyllner Chief Scientific Officer at the UK Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, presented at the Regenerative Medicine Institute at the National University of Ireland, Galway on 19 September 2017. Prof Hyllner’s talk entitled ‘Leading Innovation in Cell and Gene Therapy’ was introduced by Prof Frank Barry.