Fraunhofer IPT | an exciting update on AUTOSTEM’s Cell production platform

At the Month 30 plenary meeting in Galway, Jelena Ochs of Fraunhofer IPT provided an exciting update on several aspects of the AUTOSTEM Cell Production Pipeline. Jelena reported that the architecture and engineering components to the platform that are completed include:

  • Hardware integration and the assembly of the platform
  • A build-up of the electrical cabinet and wiring of the components
  • Pinning down of the bioreactor-processes – seeding and expansion

In the remaining months of the project, work at IPT will shift focus to the automation of the hardware, the programming of the software agents for the integration framework and the plans for bioprocess implementation in the entire closed system.

Figure 1: AUTOSTEM Cell Production Pipeline platform layout


Figure 2: AUTOSTEM Cell Production Pipeline platform layout

To learn more about the role of Fraunhofer IPT and the rest of the AUTOSTEM consortium, click here.

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