Prof Frank Barry takes AUTOSTEM on the road

AUTOSTEM PI Professor Frank Barry of NUI Galway has had a busy 2018 thus far. He has organised and been invited to present at several conferences, provide keynote talks and lead seminars around the world raising the profile of AUTOSTEM internationally within academic and industrial circles.

Here is a list of events:

  1. Speaker on August 17 2018: Georgia Tech CMaT Annual Retreat, Madison WI, USA
  2. Invited Seminar on July 23 2018: Colorado State University Veterinary Orthopaedic Centre Fort Collins, CO, USA
  3. Keynote Speaker on July 6 2018: Whitaker Bioengineering Symposium, Galway, Ireland
  4.  Keynote Speaker; Conference and workshop organiser on June 28 2018: CALIN Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Symposium, Galway, Ireland
  5.  Invited Seminar on June 7 2018: University of Guelph School of Veterinary Medicine, Guelph, ON, Canada
  6.  Keynote Speaker on May 24 2018: Canadian Connective Tissue Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada
  7. Plenary Speaker on May 18 2018: American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, USA
  8.  Keynote Speaker on May 12 2018: Canadian Bone and Joint Conference, London ON, Canada
  9. Plenary Speaker on May 2 2018: International Society for Cellular Therapy Annual Conference, Montreal, QC, Canada
  10.  Seminar Speaker in January 2018: Division of Orthopaedics, University of Toronto, ON, Canada

Here is some digital press coverage from the roadshow:

From goat kneecaps to horses to humans: The genesis of stem cell research at CSU

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