25th January 2016

Related Research

The AUTOSTEM team represents a wealth of experience in regenerative medicine, automation and robotics, bio-reactors and cell production, regulatory affairs and quality control, over more than ten years.

NUI Galway is currently leading a Phase II clinical trial in the use of stem cells as a therapy for osteoarthritis (ADIPOA-2). In addition, the university leads other stem cell clinical trials in corneal transplant (VISICORT), diabetic wound healing (REDDSTAR) and diabetic nephropathy (NEPHSTROM). Orbsen and Pintail work closely with NUI Galway on all these clinical trials.

NUI Galway, the University of Genoa and Pintail are partners in STARSTEM, a Horizon 2020 project regenerative medicine and photoacoustics project.

NUI Galway, Orbsen, the University of Genoa and Pintail were all involved in the FP7 PURSTEM project, which laid a great deal of the technical foundation for AUTOSTEM.

Fraunhofer IPT were involved in the stem-cell-production project StemCellFactory, which demonstrated the use of a robotic pipeline for cell production.

The AUTOSTEM consortium is excited about the opportunity to share information, best practice and interim results with other projects in the regenerative medicine and automation spaces, such as STELLAR, REACH, RETHRIM, RESPINE, SCIENCESTARSTEM, NEPHSTROM, ADIPOA-2 and VISICORT.

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