Welcoming new researchers to AUTOSTEM

Four AUTOSTEM partners have added new staff members. We welcome them to the team!

New to the AUTOSTEM team within Orbsen Therapeutics are Eva Camarillo, Marie Curie Fellow, and Luke Watson, Researcher Assistant. Together, they are working to functionalize polystyrene beads with the ORB antibody to act both as the selection method for Orbsen’s cells of interest and as the growth surface for those cells in the robotic bioreactor.

At Fraunhofer IPT, Bastian Niessing has joined the team as a Research Assistant. Bastian is a medical engineer and will support the group with the build-up and installation of the AUTOSTEM robotic platform.

At Tyndall National Institute, Colm Barrett and Patrick Sugrue have joined the project. Patrick is working on the bioreactor instrumentation system. The instrumentation system will perform the measurement of key parameters within the bioreactor and facilitate the transmission of control and measurement data between the instrument and the main control system. Colm will be working on the sensing elements of the bioreactor sensors. This involves the modification of the sensors towards individual analytes present in the system and characterization of the sensor performance.

Eva Camarillo                      Bastian Niessing          Colm Barrett         Patrick Sugrue             Luke Watson



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